Construction Updates –  October 2018

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Construction Updates – 10.6.2017
October Construction Completion Report


Progress Reports

Letter from Board of Education – 8.8.2017

Letter from Board of Education – 6.20.2017


School Construction Update regarding Parking at the High School – 8.21.2017

Please click here regarding parking at the High School during construction.


Construction Updates – 2.24.2017

Bond Referendum construction will begin at HMHS in June of 2017. At this time many of the timelines are tentative, but we feel it is time to begin to share some of the preliminary adjustments we will be making during the construction period. Below you will find links to the Summary of Work, a Tentative Schedule, and Anticipated Adjustments.

Summary of Work

Tentative Schedule

Anticipated Adjustments


In regard to the District’s Successful Bond Referendum Initiative, the sale of the $35 million in bonds to finance the referendum projects came in at a significantly better cost than the District had originally estimated. Originally, the estimates for tax impacts, involving this bond referendum, had been estimated for the public at a cost of $300.49 per year for the average house in Haddonfield over a 25-year-period. However, the actual costs, after the sale of these bonds, will be $258.66 per-household a year over a 20-year time period. Thus, the District has cut five years of financing entirely from a proposed 25-year payback period and are still saving taxpayers more than $40 per year for the average household.

The rate for these 20-year bonds will be 2.3958 % versus the referendum’s estimate of 3.53 % for the 25-year bonds. Therefore, the District has saved the taxpayers more than $8 million from the original estimates presented to pay for these referendum projects. In addition, the increase from the referendum to taxpayers will be implemented over a two-year time period. So, for the 6/30/2018 budget year, the tax increase will be only 2.08 % and for the 6/30/2019 budget year, there will be only an additional 1.38 %.  These figures, however, will be in addition to whatever regular school budget increase is approved for the operational costs each school year.

Over the 2016 summer, schematic drawings of major projects were prepared for submission to the Department of Education. Communications systems were repaired and installed, involving District phone and intercom systems. Construction of the bulk of the referendum initiatives, such as with the B-Wing of the high school and its new gymnasium and cafeteria, is likely to begin in the summer of 2017 and last two years. Other much needed building repairs will include masonry, roofs, and District-wide building envelope needs. Thank you again for supporting the Bond Referendum that will have significant positive impacts for our students in the decades to come.