Vital Repairs and Maintenance at All Five Schools.

Bond costs will be $8 million lower than expected. Details on the Progress page.

Haddonfield School District Bond Referendum

Tuesday, March 8th

Want a Quick Summary? It’s HERE

Haddonfield voters on March 8, 2016, approved three proposals to repair and restore its the school district’s facilities. The Bond Referendum asked for approval to sell bonds to generate about $35 million, and separated that request into three parts. About 40 percent of registered voters came to the polls that day, and a decisive majority said YES to each proposal. State funding is expected to cover about one third of almost all project costs, which would cut the taxpayer’s share to an estimated $23.6 million.

Haddonfield school board and administration will spend the next few years working on very detailed plans, seeking project bids, and coordinating work in ways that are least disruptive for school operations.

Haddonfield school district is committed to using this dedicated website to inform residents as these voter-approved projects are completed. Some sections of this website will remain as a historical reference, but the Progress page will be updated periodically.


Board of Education members discussed the projects for many months in their regular meetings and special community forums. They listened to public comments and significantly revised plans accordingly; a summary of the final version is here. Superintendent Dr. Richard Perry explained the Bond Referendum’s background and necessity in a letter to residents.

Behind the Numbers

Learn about some of the complex estimates that went into the proposal, and why the final numbers are already changing as the projects move from “estimate” to “in progress” stage.

Project List

See what was originally proposed for each school and the estimated costs prior to the March 8, 2016, referendum


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Watch for periodic updates on work and costs related to the projects.